Become An MRPA Member and Receive These Member Benefits!

  • An office staffed with an Executive Director
  • Maintain financial stability for the organization while creating new funding opportunities
  • Strengthen our relationships with partners and commercial members
  • Support members to attend local and national leadership opportunities through the MRPA Grant programs
  • Create a web platform that provides current and relevant information
  • Weekly updates 
  • Provide CEU opportunities throughout the regions
  • Provide an Annual Conference and Exhibit Hall
  • Share and support NRPA initiatives, opportunities and resources
  • Recognize leaders in our field through the annual award program
  • Provide a Membership Directory online

Professional Membership Categories, Benefits & Fees

Please note that all MRPA Memberships run July 1st through June 30th (no prorate).

Individual Membership:  $135
Individuals engaged in full-time and part-time recreation, park, sport, and related work in a government.

Agency Membership
Up to 3 members                       $315
4-6 members                             $450    
7-8 members                             $575                                       
9-10 members                           $725
(Each additional after 10)          $60 per person

Recreation and/or park-related agencies, organizations including government, and board or commission members.

Retiree Membership:  $25
Individuals having been employed full-time in recreation and parks whose employment was terminated due to retirement.

University/College Membership:  $300 (unlimited staff and up to 10 students)
Full-time faculty and students focused on recreation and park work, and park and recreation faculty.

Student Membership:  $25
Open only to students attending educational institutions on a full-time basis preparing for any phase of recreation / park work, and park and recreation faculty.           

Commercial Partner Membership Categories, Benefits & Fees - CLICK HERE